Welcome to Hope for Future Victory

Greetings perspective Angel! We would like to welcome you into mission project, Hope for Future Victory, Inc. This project is certainly a mission of Love and we hope that you will allow the Love to grow.

We started out with about 350 orphans in the village of Kamuli, children who have not asked to be orphaned, children who have lost their parents to HIV/Aids and war, or who have no supportive parent to care for them.

Our Mission is to find sponsors for these children. They need to know that there is someone out there who cares about them and supports them. These children are the future of Africa, and without education, Love and a Christian background, they will stay in the third world village and follow in their parents footsteps to a short life of illness and sure death.

However, with your monthly $25.00, your continued love and support, they will grow up to know that they are cared for and worthy of a better existence. Some will go on to higher education; some may even venture to the United States. As they say, the possibilities are endless. Please know that we have visited Uganda three times to date, we know what the need is and we know what we need to do to help these children. We can only hope that you will decide to become an “Angel of hope,” with Hope For Future Victory, Inc.

I am a retired teacher, carry a full load of responsibilities raising my family and I am working part time to make ends meet. This project has quickly jumped to the top of my priority list, and I am working hard to find responsible, committed people to fill the bill, there are thousands of children who are depending on me and you, to help build the foundation of their future. Without us they have no future, no goals, no life, no chance.

I hope and pray that you will decide to join Hope For Future Victory Inc., and make the commitment to one of our children.

Respectfully with God’s Love,
Mary Funk, CEO