About Us

Hope For Future Victory is a 501 c3 nonprofit organization that provides funds for students to attend school regularly and have the supplies they need to be successful. Many of them are orphaned, handicapped or disadvantaged, due to HIV/Aides, war or poverty. Mary Funk is the founder and CEO since 2005.

Hope For Future Victory, Inc., was born in 2005 and has evolved over the years. In 2008 Mary visited the school and was accompanied by Vianney Tumwesige, a research consultant from Makerere University, during her 4 week visit. His back ground gave him a leg up in understanding the situations that arose, he also grew up as an  orphan and knows the importance of having a committed sponsor. Vianney is now a permanent fixture with the organization.

Mary has traveled to Uganda 3 times and visited several schools, but over the years we have realized that our program needed an uplift.  We have accomplished so much, it has been a huge learning experience for HFFV and for the schools we served.

For the past few months we have been reorganizing our plan of action.  The students of Uganda are our main focus, we know that education is the key.  However, the other end of that pendulum is that once the students start advancing in their education, and once the students get through college and have a complete education, the job market is flooded.  So the unemployment rate is extreme.

So our decision is to continue our sponsorship program, which is $25.00 a month, unless the sponsor wants to increase it with time.  To meet the needs of more students we have decided have two fundraising campaigns a year that will fund the schools and pay the tuitions for ALL of the students rather than a select few.   We will at least get them through the elementary level and make sure they have good grades to go into high school and hopefully teach them skills that will allow them to be able to get a job or maybe work for our school.

Mary Funk, CEO