The Kilbert-Greenberg Future Teachers Scholarship

In honor of your retirement I have established a scholarship fund at Future Victory School in Uganda. In December two young women, who are hoping to continue their education, to become teachers, will have the opportunity to attend Teacher Education Classes at Uganda Teachers Academy.

This scholarship will afford them the opportunity to fulfill their dream of a college education. You will be notified of the women chosen as recipients of the first ever, Kilbert-Greenberg Future Teachers Scholarship. You will also receive a copy of the essay they write during the application process.

Donations made during the year will be added to the total amount awarded, the possibility of having more than two recipients is always there. Each scholarship is $600.00 PER year and it will be awarded for a two year program for a total of $1200.00.

Don and Elsie Hoff Educational Scholarship – $1200.00 – Don and Elsie Hoff started their scholarship out of the love for the children of Future Victory School. They wanted to make sure that if a child wanted to go to college, the opportunity would be there for them. These students have dreams of becoming teachers, doctors and lawyers. The reality is that they live in a village with little to no food, disease and HIV/Aids, and face death on a regular basis.

Don and Elsie have started the Don and Elsie Hoff Educational Scholarship -$1200.00

Applications will be taken from June thru November, the award will be announced in December, and the funds will be transferred to the named school at the time of registration.

Requirements: Student will need to provide:

  1. a current report card
  2. two letters of recommendation from teachers
  3. an essay explaining four things:
    – Future goals: education, employment, family
    – How will you achieve these goals?
    – Why do you deserve this scholarship?
    – What is your best characteristic?

Depending on funds, there will be at least two scholarships awarded annually.

The Carole Urzua Educators Scholarship – $65.00 (multiple awards)

Dr. Carole Urzua was a professor of life, a supporter of women’s studies and a general upstanding, outstanding lady. She thought that everyone could learn, the trick was finding the way to make it happen.

Carole passed away this past spring and leaves a long line of outstanding, motivated teachers behind. There are 15 men and women teachers at Future Victory School, in Uganda Africa whom need to upgrade their credential. At the cost of $65.00 per class some need three classes. Donations will be collected annually and awarded to the teachers according to seniority and credential level. The first three took classes this past Fall, and will return this year for their second class.

Donations will be collect all year long.